Why we no longer wear pants – Nigerian ladies


A recent trend in Nigeria has brought about a notable shift in ladies’ fashion choices, with a considerable number opting out of wearing pants.

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The decision seems to stem from various factors, with some citing comfort, while others point to style preferences and economic considerations.

Omowumi Akinlusi, a 24- year- old entrepreneur, stated the influence of dance and body shape on these choices, noting that some women preferred to be pantless for reasons ranging from butts shaking while dancing and also to avoid pant lines being revealed under tight-fitted clothing.

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“I wear pants most times but I believe that the reason why most ladies don’t wear them is because the shape of the pants can be revealing while wearing leggings or tight-fitted clothes. Also, going pantless makes the butts shake well, especially for the dancers”.

Fisayo Ogunsanya, a 30-year-old entrepreneur, shared her concern about infections and revealed her choice for pantless styles, especially when wearing tight-fitted clothes.“I don’t like it as it sometimes gives infection. Also, I wear tight-fitted clothes, and wearing pants makes my pant line reveal through my outfit”.Even a 300-level student of the Federal University of Technology (FUTA), Akure, Remi Oluwashina, highlighted the economic aspect, citing the high cost of pants and suggesting a practical approach by saving her from excessive wear and heat to maintain comfort.“The cost of pants is too high. How can I buy just one pair of pants that is just for underwear for 500 naira?Wearing pants for long causes infection. It’s best I just save it from heat sometimes and I feel more comfortable especially while I’m on trousers without heat”.

Florence Durosinmi, a fashion designer, voiced her sentiment, stating a preference for G-strings with tight-fitted outfits.

“I wear pants sometimes but most times, I wear G-string once I wear tight-fitted clothes”.

However, contrasting views emerged, with Adebisi Yetunde, a teacher and entrepreneur, mentioning the desire for a more breathable option to avoid discomfort and potential health issues.

“I wear pants though but I believe it’s for the butts to shake for some people (seduction). However, the private part doesn’t like much heat. You can’t wear pants and trousers. It can cause peeling.

“It can also cause infection. Most fat people also don’t like wearing pants due to their laps being clogged thereby causing heat in their private parts which can result in  ‘Ibotan’ (peeling between the laps)”.

Adeniji Fadekemi, a law graduate, expressed her comfort in wearing pants, emphasizing the role of pants in clothing.

“I feel very comfortable wearing pants and I don’t think I can ever go a day without pants. Like I don’t even understand how I’m going to feel without it. I think many people don’t like pants because they wear trousers a lot and they feel the trousers are doing the work of pants. They think pants just cover their private parts and since they are on trousers it’s doing the job. I think every lady has her way of covering their body and what she wishes to do with it”.

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